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Afro Burri Fontana – Haunch of Venison New York – 8 marzo 12 maggio 2012

Aprile 12, 2018
Haunch of Venison
New York
March 8 – May 12, 2012
Curated by Elena Geuna
Afro Burri Fontana is the first exhibition in the United States to focus on the work of the internationally renowned Italian artists Afro, Alberto Burri and Lucio Fontana. Organized by curator Elena Geuna, the exhibition will feature a selection of seminal works from each artist’s career—many of which have rarely been exhibited publicly. Haunch of Venison’s International Director Emilio Steinberger explains that the exhibition “continues the gallery’s longstanding interest in Italian artists whose contributions are invaluable to the evolution of Contemporary Art.”
Afro Burri Fontana highlights the remarkable influence these three Italian artists had on the evolution of the history of art after the Second World War. The exhibition focuses on the experimentation of each artist from 1950-1968, during the height of post-war Italy’s cultural flourishing. It was during this period that a small group of artists including Afro, Burri and Fontana sought to create a new type of visual vocabulary anchored in an intense cross cultural exchange with the United States. Because of that dialogue each artist in the exhibition has works held in the permanent collections of major American museums. With this exhibition Elena Geuna intends to illustrate “the extraordinary poetry and innovation of the works by these three artists. I am honored to present once again masterpieces of Italian art abroad”. 

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